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Nov 23, 2007
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Im going to photograph a singing group this Sunday evening. Its at a motel in the ball room. Now the problem is the liting. There are over head can lites that put off a yellow/orange cast along with 4" flourescent lites that are of a mix daylite and color.

I did this once beore and it was a disaster, but was able after some work git them back to some kind of reality.

Iam using the Canon rebel xt, any advise on settings would be apprecuated, would a strobframe be of any benefit,?
Try your best to white-balance it.

Otherwise, fire a flash through an orange gel to approximately match the warm color light in the room, and then correct in post.
Not an advice but a question, too, to those who might know better than I do: after all the possible adjustments to the given light were done in-camera, and assuming rlc would want to work with that ambient light only (or can only work with the ambient light) - how many corrections could be done later if he worked in RAW?

For I once had a very yellow result after an all-day shoot of an event, where everyone looked quite positively jaundiced, and had NOT shot in RAW, so correcting it all in PS alone was hard work!
You can use a plugin, such as Power Retouche's WB, or you could try "open as" RAW in PS.
Correcting WB is extremely easy with a RAW file. You literally drag a bar that changes the temperature of the WB to the desired color...easy as pie.

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