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Nov 20, 2007
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I've already ordered my Christmas card, but would like some comments on how I can improve these shots in the future. There are a lot of things going wrong. I don't have any lighting equipment, and propped a lamp behind us to try to help eliminate shadows being cast. It just caused a weird yellow glow and didn't really help that much. These were taken using a timer on my digital rebel xt. I pushed the button with my camera on the tripod and then jumped into the picture. I give permission to edit these photos.

#1 - taken without a flash and I just used the auto setting.

#2 Here is the same photo color corrected in photo shop. I may have gone a little too cool with the coloring.

#3 I'm posting this one because I want to know how to avoid the shadow that is being cast behind my husband. I believe I used the flash in this one.

#4 and just for fun, here's the final card design.
If it were me, and I am a beginner, I would have cropped to the bust and face with the tree to the left. Regarding lighting I think a diffuser would work at getting rid of shadow and softening the brightness on faces. It's a great card as it is though. Good looking people. :)
Hi. What a cute couple you make. I was just going to suggest - I see the tree in the picture and i also see your wall hanging behind you guys - if those two objects will be shown so you think it might be a more flattering background if you were to both site on the chair that I see under the wall hanging? The tree would be to your left but still in the picutre, the wall hanging above you guys and you would not be including the blinds which I dont think add anything to the picture.

And your ? about the shadows - it's hard when you use an on camera flash sometimes to avoid those - try moving away from the background but in this case that would be hard I know.

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