Little girl being attacked by kittens!


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Apr 16, 2010
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Hermitage, PA
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I thought I would give this a go... I just took these pictures as fats as I could before my oldest headed to bed. Thinking of doing this with my senior shoot this weekend. I also have 3 children shoots to do over the next two weeks... Paid!!! (getting closer tho my 5D!).

Please don't mind the messy dining room... 3yo, a newborn and a photography addiction leave little time to clean!

OMG--I bought those same,exact chairs at Cost Plus World Market....they weigh a ton!

Cute kid, cute kittens--lots of potential photo ops with that litter of kittens and a little blonde the matching collars they have! Soooo cute! You could probably do some funny heroine versus villains shots...or she could play nurse,and they could be "patients", etc,etc.
Well I must have done a decent job on the Photoshop but a bad job of describing what the picture was... lol... Whoopsie! I only have one cat... I just layered the images over each other and did a little erasing.
Your PS skills do show, though there rarely are six kittens that are TOTALLY alike in one litter, so I already thought that this was one of those "multiple persons" (or in this case "multiple kittens") photos. Nicely done.
LOL best thread in a long time.. I had to call my hubby at work to show him this picture. Your kitten looks JUST like a combination of our two favorite kitties =P
great technique~I just want to say"so cute kitties~"before realized they arethe result of PS...

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