Little Girl with her Blanket C&C


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Apr 12, 2009
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Here is my second go at selective coloring. Is the color look ok? Is the lighting ok? If there is anything else you think needs work on in the photo, please say so.

Looks good to me, but it would have been so much better if she had lost that pacifier..they hate to give it up though.
Looks good to me too. Except can I ask why you left the blanket in color but everything else is B&W? I am kind of drawn to the blanket instead of the child.
Thanks for the comments. CameraSpeak, the reason I did it this way is because I tried coloring it several different ways but I liked it this way more. I would've made it so her eyes were colored but her eyes are so dark that it didn't matter whether they were colored or not. Plus her eyes are already really clear and bright so my eyes are drawn to them, however, that is just me and I know that everyone has a different perspective. :)
looks sweet..
i think i may have colorized the binkie though.
I agree, but also, I can't post one picture of my daughter with a binkie that doesn't get similar comments.. She really appears to be too old for it. I've started withholding it from my daughter except for nighttime.. I know you didn't come here for parenting advice, but I'm just being real with you.. I'm fighting the same battle with a 22 month old daughter.

As for the picture, selective coloring either works or it doesn't, and IMHO, it only works with vibrant colors that pop.. The blanket is too soft in this case to really be effective.. You almost have to look at the rest of the picture to verify that the blanket is the only thing in color.. Were it a red or blue blanket with high contrast, etc., perhaps it would be more powerful..

But that's an adorable little girl.

Thank you for the comments. Stsinner, she is actually a friends daughter and this was the first time I had seen her hold a blanket like this so I decided try and grab a photo. :) I understand what you are saying about the coloring. I was trying to go for a softer look though. She was ready to take a nap when I took this photo and I was trying to show that with the softness of the colors. I hope this makes sence. :) Would it look a little better if I made the blanket brighter?
I actually think the color version would be more enjoyable in this case because of the beautiful new skin and pretty eyes, or you could desaturate the entire image and selective color the binkie... Simply, if I were you, I'd stick to selective coloring things which are more vibrant.. The blanket just doesn't work for me.. It's so light pink that it's almost white, and that's not the opportunity to use selective color..

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