Little green aphid (pic)


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Dec 28, 2012
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Last weekend I was out collecting green aphids to feed to some baby mantids. I discovered that every time I walked through a patch of
Scotch broom I ended-up with numerous of the little bugs aphids scattered around on my shirt. So I would just crash through the plants, pick off the aphids, and repeat. It was really rather fun...

Anyhow, in addition to feeding my mantids, I kept a few aphids to photograph. I placed the aphids on a nasturtium leaf both as a suitable background, but also because I know from experience how (unfortunately) popular nasturtiums are with aphids. Sure enough, a couple of the insects settled down to feed by piercing the leaf with their proboscises.

I posted a few photos on my blog, but this one was easily my favourite.


Olympus OM-D E-M5; Nikkor 50mm F2.8 enlarger lens; manual exposure (F8 @ 1/200 sec); Olympus FL-36 flash (TTL); ISO: 200

P7200112 b green aphid copyright ernie cooper 2013 by ernie.cooper, on Flickr
The dimension seems to get a little lost in this one and I am not sure why. Actually,focus stacking might help. Never used it myself but see a lot of great stuff produced with it. Interested in seeing more of your work though.

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