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Oct 19, 2008
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Southeastern Kansas
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Went to see the Liverpool Legends (The Beatles greatest tribute band) last night and they were great. If any of you have the chance to see them, i highly suggest you do.

"Paul" sounded exactly like the real one. I was really impressed. He sang Yesterday and it was spot on. "George" was the coolest and he looked the most like the real one. When he sang While My Guitar Gently Weeps it gave me goosebumps. "Ringo" looked just like Ringo (ugly as sin haha). "John" sounded just like the real one but he didn't look like him very much though. It was pretty funny though because I was probably one of the youngest ones in the audience. haha there was about a 60 year age difference between me and the majority of the crowd. bUt all these old people were getting up and dancing and stuff. it was pretty entertaining.

But they were really cool and they signed whatever you wanted signed and i even talked to "George" for a while. Everybody go see them if you get the chance!

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