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A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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Ok help me pick which one to refine!

I have a definite fav so it will be interesting to see if it is the same for others.




Judi, it was tough to choose between that and bacon.

I like #3 but some may bring up using two different fonts, but I think these compliment each other and I like the handwrtten name effect.
#3 looks the best to me.
#2 no doubt. Easy to read. Though I might fix the kerning on the second line.
Thanks for voting guys :)

Ron, that's ok I picked bacon ;)
#2 for me as well. It looks professional.
I like the font of number 2.... but the flare and the color scheme of #3.

So I voted for bacon.
I didn't get it was supposed to be a light flare until I saw #3... number 2 just looks like interlocking circles with 2 red square "dots". Haha.
I voted for #1 because it "reads" better. I am o.k. with the fonts in the next two, but the little circles are confusing and not necessary.

Also, is the signature in #3 your own handwriting? If so, then fine, but if not, then there is really no reason to use the script.

Why is "bacon" getting votes?
2 for me. 3 looks like 2 separate logos and 1 looks too generic. 2 says fine art for me.
Thanks all.

Designer, yes that's my own handwriting, I wanted to wait to reveal that ;)
Oh and these are concept mockups so I fully expect whichever one you all help me choose will be changed a bit and cleaned up a lot.
Judi, here are my thoughts, for what they are worth:

1. While I like this one, it doesn't say "Fine Art" to me. It make me think of a printing house or something. I think it's the dashes - I don't like them.

2. This one looks pretty good. Like runnah said, I would address the kerning on the second line. Also, the circles don't look like flares to me - I actually thought bubbles when I first saw them.

3. This is the best one. I like the hand written name and it seems to go well with the thin font on the second line - although I would move the line and flare a little closer to the name. One concern here is your last name may be tough to read - Smelko isn't the most common name in the world! I like the flare better here but I'm still not crazy about it - it may be the 3D nature that troubles me. I like what you are doing with it and it's a good idea. I would proceed with #3 and work up some additional flare ideas.
Maybe some combination or variation of #2 and/or 3. I'm not sure if they completely reflect your style, I'm thinking of the lovely florals on your page because those are what stood out to me - the ones with a touch of color seem to connect to that the best I think.

I don't know in the second one if people will catch the O as being part of your last name. I like the idea of the third one but the lettering of your name seems to be a more casual style and the rest seems more stylized or formal.

But bacon might lead the voting because who can resist bacon?
number 2 but only if you loose the extra circles and dots you attached to the O

keep it simple

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