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May 1, 2005
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Cheshire, England
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Not sure how this looks over the internet but I am extremely pleased with the print!

My Niece Lola during a shoot I did of mine & my sisters kids to get a photo for my parents wedding anniversary.

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Is it "high key" when the background is dark and she's wearing dark clothes? I never know :oops:

What I do know is that it is a very ... now what is the word? ... moody sounds wrong but is the word that's on my mind ... emotional ... she's not weeping! ... what IS the word? There is some ATMOSPHERE in the photo that I feel! And I like what I see (!) and what I feel (!).

Ach, if only I could speak ENGLISH!

My only question is: why is her part so much in focus while her eyes are being kept so soft?
Moody would be right! After all she is a teenager! :lol:

I wanted to keep the facial features soft whilst retaining a little sharpness to the hair. Been reading too many glamour photography books! :lol:
It looks good over the internet to me! I really like it, you definately got the hair sharper as you wanted... she must love this shot... very pretty! Everytime I try high key I blow it out in parts, so I think you've done it really well!
i like it. though it might have looked better as a glamour shot. still great shot.

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