Long Exposure steel wool on fire


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Jan 22, 2013
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I'm following up on something I posted a few days ago.
I didn't get the "ghost" effect because I was wearing all black like someone suggested.

Okay this is really crappy quality.. Not sure what went wrong in the uploading
Is there a question here?

I like the photo. How long was your exposure?
Nice one! I always like the steel wool pics
It's cool, but why does everybody always just stand there and spin them? It doesn't make for very original photos.

I'd like to see one that uses a new or rarer method of flinging sparks.

Leaf blower?
Wool on a DC motor attached to a battery and thrown off a cliff or lifted with helium balloons (with long strings)?
Wool strapped into a whisk and attached to somebody's rear bicycle wheels and triggered electrically so that they can already be moving?


Edit: Maybe I'll just do one of these actually. I already have some spare cowboystudios flash triggers that could be combined with an electric relay and used to remotely ignite steel wool......

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