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Nov 22, 2011
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Los Angeles, CA via Toronto, ON
Hi Forum -

I have been a lurker of this forum and enjoy it and have learned a lot from what all the members have to offer, so this is why I have decided to brave it today - oh great forum members, to seek both technical and creative CC. I recently reignited my passion for photography about six months ago after a hiatus of ten years or so, since then I have been trying to hone my technical and creative skills. I am also trying to develop my style and figure out what it is that I really love to shoot. I want to know if my pictures, while technically may not be the best, do the images resonate creatively for any of you? While I know that most of you don't like clicking on links, I am gonna add a link to my little site Christine Nash Photography if anyone wanted to see some other pictures to help give me an idea if I have any eye at all or if I'm just blowing smoke up my own ass.

I am posting a sample of photos that I took in my area of So Cal this Fall, I won't call them a series because they all have different edits etc., but I feel they all represent the autumn.


Here's hoping my links from Smugmug work :p.......


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The colours in the first one is excellent.
I also like the first one - but my eyes are drawn to the stopsign at the bottom right.

(on a sidenote ; that a nice photo signature you've got)
C&C per req:

1. Very nice colours as mentioned, and a nice scene BUT the stop-signs really detract from it. It also, IMO, needs a little something extra; maybe a couple walking along the sidewalk pushing a pram or something like that?

2. Nice, a classic fall shot. As mentioned, there is a bit of vacant foreground space which isn't doing a lot. I would crop the bottom just below the first pumpkin for a stronger image.

3. I think there's potential here, but I don't think you've realized it. I think a greater DoF and a more downward angled shot (which would eliminate the distracting background) would have helpe.d

4. Nice colours, but I think this needed more even lighting. The eye tends to lock on to the brigher area around your watermark and not look so much at the rest of the image. As well, I think something other than concrete might have been more attractive (don't be afraid to "help" nature if she didn't put things in the right place. Within reason of course!).

5. To be honest, this one just doesn't work for me. There are a lot of bright foreground areas, and a badly blown area behind the tree image right. As well, the corner of the building doesn't add much. As with #3, there's potential here, it just needs a bit more looking to find it.

Overall, a nice set. Thanks for posting.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

I just wanted to say good for you for coming out of tue background! Nice of ya to join us your photos aren't bad at all. Keep shooting ;)

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