Looking east, looking west.


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Mar 1, 2009
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Sometimes when I go out shooting, I forget all about what's going on around me, and just look straight ahead.
If I take my time and look around, normally there is just as much happening behind me, as in front of me.

Coming up on sunset at Crex Meadows in Wisconsin, An almost full moon had come up in the southeastern sky while the sun was setting in the west.
Crex is known for having a large population of Sandhill Cranes during the migration period.
These shots were a little early for mass amounts of birds, but I feel that I came away with a couple of good ones.

The camera used for these was a Canon XSi with a Canon 400 f5.6 lens.

Looking east.

Looking west.

About a month and a half later, the migration was in full swing.
They reported that there were about 8000 sandhills in the area on the weekend I took this.

Thanks for looking.
Really really like those first 2 shots!
the first has an otherworldly feel to it with the daytime sky, bird and moon in the background!
The second is great use of a silouet effect with a great background sky!
Nice! i would be super happy that i got the moon in the background in the first one. nice job :)
1 and 2 are awsome! the different positions on the wings on all 3 brids in the second one make it look like one complete wing stroke in ordered sages.

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