Looking for a lense choice advise, please...


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Jan 20, 2012
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Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy
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Hi everyone there

I'm a newbe in photography who bought a few moths ago e dslr camera canon eos 550D+ 2 lenses: EF 17-40L and EF 100L macro. Now I would like to get a tele lens con zoom and I don't know which one is best for my budget of 1000€. I am a foreigner, please excuse my poor English, living in Sardinia, Italy.
I'd like something for bird shooting like EF 70-300mm or EF 100-400L. Welcome any advise, please!
I agree with Schwetty pretty much.

If you are set on a zoom though, the Sigma 120-400 and 150-500 are decent competition to the Canon 100-400, might be worth looking into.
thanks for your advice. How about IS? It will be still okay for bird shooting without it?
All of the lenses we suggested are available with IS (Sigma calls theirs OS). It is definitely helpful to have on a lens that long, for birds and whatever else.
Actually, I'm wrong, that 400 5.6 doesn't have IS. That would probably take it off my list honestly. You can get along fine without it, people have for years. It's a great tool though, and if you're spending that much on a lens it seems worth it to get stabilization.
well, I am not particularlly intersted in zoomm lens but not being that rich I can't afford to get all primes, let's say, from 17 to 500 for my 550D. I wuold like to get the best out of this sum in order to avoid a blody war with my wife:meh:
...I think it will work better with tele converter...
I'm going to disput that Schwetty; using even a 1.4x TC, you're going to getting to the point where the lens will be so slow that AF may become an issue, and you may wind up cranking the ISO on all but the brightest days. It looks like a good lens, just not so much for use with a TC.
With some of those lenses mentioned, as long as you have sufficient light any of them will work nicely.
Woaw....EF 400mm f/5.6 L USM 400 mm 5.6 it's really a fabulous lens but will it work as good on my aps-c as on a FF?

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