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Jul 1, 2017
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Looking for a mentor. I hit the point of stagnation in my work and being absolutely unable to support myself through photography. Can someone help?
My work: www.kvarshphoto.com
First, I know nothing. I have never been asked if I wanted to sell anything.
So I am coming from a place of pure ignorance and thus am free to have opinions without any basis in experience.

I think some of your work is really terrific but not specifically sell-able without something of a reputation.
IMO, until one gets to a place where one's work is 'art', the main kinds of pictures sold are pictures of people.
I love your pictures of people but they aren't traditional.
Your 'classic' portraits are art school classic, IMO you need to get closer to what the average schmo thinks is classic.
I think you would benefit from having a few large, sharp, color pretty pictures just to show that you can make people pretty.
.. absolutely unable to support myself through photography.
How have you been trying to support yourself? Have you been selling (or attempting to sell) your photography skills? Do you get inquiries, but no money? Who is your target client base?
I think one of the best ways to back into the groove is to look at others works. Especially out of the normal "comfort zone". Look at other work that you don't normally do. Different styles, different subjects. You won't like everything or maybe even understand what the others are doing. But looking at what others are doing, tends to get the juices flowing again. You might possibly take something you see, and mix it with your own, and invent a new style??

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