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Jun 29, 2006
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San Francisco
My wife and I are looking for an compact digital camera with excellent image quality. We're both experienced with DSLR cameras and photography in general so we find ourselves digging a little too deep into the specs...realistically we probably don't need all sorts of crazy features for the typical photos this camera will be used for (and manual features on point-and-shoots are typically inconvenient to use anyway).

It'll mainly be used for pictures at clubs, bars, restaurants, and other such social events. Think low light or mood lighting. Ideally we'd want a camera that can capture that ambiance while still exposing the subject decently (i.e. a flash that won't blast the scene and wash everything out :) ).

The camera would need to be pretty small, it should fit reasonably comfortably into the pocket of tight jeans if that makes any sense :) Basically width and height aren't that critical, but depth is...no big boxy things!

Anything fit the bill?


* excellent image quality
* Low light (low noise I am assuming)
* small
* stylish
* flash control (bounce maybe?)

wow. thats going to be tough... Essentially all the qualities of a DSLR but small and stylish.

IMO the best P&S out there is the G9 at the moment. But small and stylish? hmmmm....
leica m7. probably the most stylish (and still quite small) camera out there, and is borderline sexy. the image quality will easily beat any compact digital camera and can beat at least a few DSLRs. it can accept a hotshoe flash, and can shoot low light very well if necessary.

however, two problems:

1. with a standard lens it's about $4500.

2. it shoots film.

wait, correction. you can buy the digital version, the m8, for only about $2k more.
I just realized my last post probably wasn't that helpful...

maybe this one will help more :)

When you get your point and shoot, do your best not to compare it with your DSLR's image quality. it will look very bad if you do that.

honestly, if you're looking for something small and compact but don't necessarily care about any specific features, I would just get the best you can afford that fits the appearance/size requirements. If you look for features you're likely to end in the bigger/fatter point and shoot range.
well, one thing I alway would look for would be

- a decent wide angle

- a sensor not too small (noise)

- a viewfinder (shooting in the desert sun with just using the screen can be a pain)

... if you combine that with stylish, you'll probably not have a chance ... ;)
When you get your point and shoot, do your best not to compare it with your DSLR's image quality. it will look very bad if you do that.

even my mum can produce images which almost equal my SLR images in quality with her tiny p&s... given perfect light. Even for huge prints.

it is just that in some situations she cannot.

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