Looking for a Wide Angle lens, Suggestions?


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Jan 14, 2009
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Hey guys,
I just received my 5d MkII, setup with a Canon TS-E 90mm (only lens I have) for product photography. I'm going on a study abroad this summer and was looking for a Wide Angel lens to buy for the trip. I will be going through Paris, Rome, Athens. It will be mostly used for architecture and sculptures. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
The 17-40mm F4 L is a very nice wide angle lens and is quite reasonable for such high quality. The 16-35mm F2.8 L is also good but a fair bit more expensive for that one extra stop.

If you are really serious about architecture shots, you might consider a wider TS-E, I think 24mm is the widest one they make.
i have a 40d so and im picking up a wide angle lens as well.

going with the canon 10-22
Yes, but the original poster does and I didn't want your post to be confusing to them.

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