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Apr 15, 2013
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WA, Australia
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I know you have your general paintball shot of the players in action but im looking for something a bit different. just for fun really :)
I recently took this photo and fell in love with it but I was wondering if any one has similar photos or an idea you could give me!

All suggestions welcome! please share some of your stuff!

Many thanks

Little lens of mine


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As it is I think it is indestinguishable but I think maybe with more of them in the frame and also different colors would have been nice.
While it doesn't tell me that it is paintball, I like the shot and it shows that you are seeing something and thinking outside the box. That is one of the important elements of being good at photography. You should keep thinking along these lines when you shoot, imagination is a great tool, photoshop doesn't have it, and there isn't an app for it.
White spot to the left of the ball is a distraction. As it is a minimalist composition, try to keep it as simple as possible. There is also less visible small spot above the main one, I think both should be removed with the PS stamp tool.
thank you for your suggestions i will defiantly take care with small distractions like that in the future i currently don't have Photoshop and have very limited editing software but will do my best :) again thank you! I really appreciate the criticism.
This shot strikes me as the end of a series.
The series would go from just a couple of the standard overall shots to much more close-ups focusing on the tension, grit and grime of paintabll wars.
I think a shot of a player (out of focus) with the paint ball recently shot (in focus) would be an awesome shot! Hard to get but awesome!
I think it could use more color. Just seems a little over exposed to me. I think if its a speedball course, a shot like this but near one of the bumpers, maybe a few more out of focus paintballs in the background would be nice. Regardless, nice work!

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