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    Shoot cosplay. I've owned a dslr for about about 9 months now so I'm still a newb. A coworker of mine introduced me to photography and to cosplay. It is pretty interesting, colorful and different. Cosplay is when a person dresses up as their favorite anime/manga/cartoon character. Most of the time, they sew their own costumes. To show off their hard work, cosplayers gather at events like anime and comic conventions throughout the world. I have a lot of fun shooting cosplay and hold private shoots outside of these events.

    If you live in Southern California, then you're in luck. On May 9th, there is a huge cosplay gathering in Irvine. Everyone is welcome to join the fun. BTW, cosplayers love photographers. Below is a link to the SoCal Spring Gathering in Irvine. If you aren't in the area, you can still check out the different worldwide events where cosplayers gather. I've added another link to the different events where you can find cosplayers.

    SoCal Spring Gathering May 09th in Irvine

    Other events where you can find cosplayers

    My samples of cosplay photography







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