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Looking for new Camera


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Dec 3, 2007
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Ok well I havnt been into photography THAT long but I have enough experience to move up from my Point & Shoot Camera. My dad owns a Sony a100 D-SLR but he doesnt like me using it and its not exactly what im looking for. Ive been looking at the Canon 40D For the camera I want to get. Its a good body and I like the 6.5 FPS continous shooting. What do you guys think of this camera?
It's awesome. Just go to the store and tinker with it. The frame-rate is really good, faster than the 1Ds Mark III albeit 10MP less. :)
Not faster than the 1D though :p

Yea ive messed wit it at Curcuit City and I like it.

Do they offer a Fish eye lense that fits it?

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