Looking for some on-camera lighting!


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Oct 27, 2020
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I am filming a music video this week and a lot of it will be in the night. I have a G7 which has a small sensor so it has weak-ish night time videography, and I was thinking maybe an on-camera light will help out a bit. Anyone want to point me in the right direction for outdoors on camera lighting?
I have watched some youtube reviews but I feel like most of these are reviews for indoor vlogging. Thank you so much!
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Some issues to think about:

On camera lighting yields a very flat light, so if you can, start thinking about getting the light off your camera. If you need to move them around together, mount the light on an extension, which holds the light a little away from the lens.

Any light will lose effectiveness as your subject moves away from the light. Very quickly your subject will be very underexposed. Anything in the background will be substantially darker than the foreground.

Any light you take outside will need electrical power, either by a battery or a long power cord.

Start looking for an LED panel that uses a battery.

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