Looking to buy a Ricohflex Super


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Mar 2, 2012
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I am in the market for a Ricohflex Super with a 35mm adapter. I checked out ebay but it seems most of the offerings are by people who do not understand cameras and have not tested the cameras they are selling. I bought a Yashica on ebay a few years ago and received a camera with a broken light meter, so I am a bit skeptical about ebay. I am willing to pay a little more to get this camera if I can get a guarantee that the camera is functional, the lens are not full of fungus, the film advances, and there is a functioning COUPLED light meter. Of course, I will not pay hundreds for this camera -- otherwise I'd buy a Yashica Mat or some other mid-range TLR. Please let me know if you refurbish or sell these cameras in good condition. Thanks.


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