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Nov 3, 2009
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So I already shot Lorence a couple of time, 2 years ago we did a friendly seance, I was over editing the photos she wasn't a big fan. Then she gave an another try and did a duo photoshoot with her friend Amelie and I, she loved the photos so much that she booked me for a one on one photoshoot renting an hotel and hiring a MUA (who never arrives...) During this seance I broke my synch plug on my studio flashes (I'm getting new flashes today), so I improvised with natural light and ambiant light. She loves the results. And I kinda like the mixed. Someone suggest that I bring different light bulb in case, but I don't know, it's different I don't hate it.



I see why she liked them! :)

#2, I'm not a big fan of that style of pose, and it is a little blown out for me, but I know you were most likely what you were going for. And that is just my personal taste. :)

#3, I like better, but there are two things that bug me. The first is the wrinkle in her outfit right at the small of her back, it doesn't kill the shot by no means, it just annoys me. The second thing is I wish there was more frame at the left, it looks like she is looking at something and I don't know what! And I need to KNOW!!! :lol:
#1, I just love in every way! It is playful, yet seductive! Really great.:1219:
Lovely work and thanks for sharing. Your shooting has improved by leaps and bounds. You're using light and manipulating it so much more effectively.

1. Like it. Very cute. Nice color. Lovely feel to the shoot.

2. Not everyone's cup of tea but very light without being bright or a hard light. Notice how lovely that kind of sheer fabric can be--lovely work with that. The darker curtain (in the upper left) is a bit distracting to me.

3. Lovely light, nice feel to this shot. I'd extend the pillow in the upper left so it removes the bit of headboard that is showing--that bit of dark brown is distracting. Otherwise, it's lovely and she looks lovely. You could also crop this to just make it a head shot if she wanted to share it with everyone.

Nice work. And have a happy New Year!

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