Lotus Season in Ha Noi, Viet Nam


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Aug 25, 2010
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Viet nam
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To every summer, lotus lake west again brilliant. This is the time of the busy occupation and marinated lotus tea is also more crowded with the emergence of girls as charming picture.

Of pale pink flowers stand out on dark green background of foliage, the lotus land of sun make Hanoi more cool, especially during the hot summer day.

People are always picking lotus start work early to pick the new lotus blooms with the most perfect scent.

Work for picking lotus usually by men to need health boating around the lake.

People chilled tea arrived very early. They remove the petals, from the ovaries, also called rice lotus reserved marinade. Lotus tea is a specialty of Hanoi.

At this time, the Hanoi street sometimes stuffy back thousands of lotus incense float gently by the vendors.

Lotus, a gift from the shower, also down the street.

Many young people come to enjoy a shower and record images of the romantic flower.

The charming young girls in the shower.

Take advantage of lotus petals removed to the photograph.

Inter and pink lotus.

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