Love or Hate?

Do you LOVE or HATE your camera?


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Jedi Bunnywabbit
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Sep 2, 2005
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In the interest of science, I'm asking everyone here to tell me... do you love or hate your camera?


Because I'm irked by people who say "I LOVE MY XXXX!" as some sort of advice to people on what they should buy. I see this as totally pointless, because I suspect pretty much EVERYONE loves their camera.

But hey, who knows...
I haven't sold it yet, so I guess I love it. :lol: You should buy one too. Clearly it's the best choice.
I have to love it, got to much sunk in it to change....Olympus E-5. If I were buying a new camera today with nothing invested I would go with Canon or Nikon. BUT, too late now.
I love my little pocket Lumix. Love, Love, Love it. I have a 7D too, and I do not love all my cameras the same. :neutral:
Such extremes! My camera is a little box that records images according to my directions and really does quite a nice job of it. However, my toaster does the same with making toast, and I don't love my toaster, and I don't imagine many people do.
Ok who is the nasty person who said they hated their camera? Members can hate each other fine, but if we are getting any of those camera haters here I'm breaking out all the stops and hitting the IP ban buttons ;)*

*mod note - please note the use of the universal sarcasm font - any moderator claims here are to be considered highly suspect and possibly rogue*
If my camera made me money i'd really love it.
I enjoy using my camera tremendously. Do I *love* it? Not in the sense you're talking about. I wouldn't tell anyone and everyone that THIS is the camera they must have, because hey, it's the one *I* have.
I definitely don't *hate* my camera. I worked too long and too hard to save enough to finally get a DSLR to hate having it.

But it's just a thing. Mine works wonderfully for me, given where I am in my photo-taking journey. But I would, and HAVE, suggested to people considering buying the same camera (D5100) that they think twice and consider whether a D7000 would better suit them in the long run. Because the D5100 is a VERY nice entry-level DSLR, but I've only had mine for 6 months, and I can already see that it's time to start saving the pennies for the D7000...okay, yeah, saving pennies won't really help. ;)

In the meantime, until I can afford my NEXT camera, this one is my favorite!! But then, it's been like that since about 1970, when I got my very first camera, my grandfather's Brownie Jr. :lol:
Manaheim, I get the feeling this post is a bit of a contradiction seeing as your buying a D4. When people ask you 'why do you think I should buy a D4?'. You can simply say 'Because it's the best camera ever created!'. You won't really need to say anymore, as that statement will most likely be true! ;)
My camera is ok. I hate manaheim because he's getting a D4 ;)
I hate stupid questions.

Why would I either love or hate my camera? It's just a stupid camera. An object.

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