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    ok made is possibly a strong word - allowed might be better.
    anyway this is what happens when a macro manic decides to use everything they have -

    link to larger: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3465/3239873726_b6b16b15bd_o.jpg

    F13, ISO 200, 1/200sec

    Taken with sigma 150mm macro, sigma 1.4 and 2* teleconverters and 68mm worth of kenko extension tubes (a single set).
    I have no idea what magnification this is but this is as close as I could focus the setup - I had to use an LED pointer on a flexi arm to light the main area of the subject for this (the viewfinder image was way too dark for accurate focusing without it). Image shake was noticable and I really should have used a tripod (2 tripods it was a long setup - one under the lens collar and the other on a camera mount) and mirror lockup for improved image quality in this.
    Regardless at websize the iamge quality looks decent enough - though fullsize the shot is very soft.
    Also the kit showed a lot of dustspots in the shot (which I think I have removed all of) though I have read that such is also a common occurance with the canon MPE 65mm macro at high magnificaitons.

    Oh and its a key of my keyboard if your wondering


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