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Mar 19, 2015
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Another paid job (I'm so glad they keep coming :p).
This one was a simple pass photo, but still, I had fun doing it :)

But, what do you think about the light/shadow and detail?
Is this acceptable?
He liked it, that's what matters for me on this early stage of my photography "career" :p

I don't like the flash highlights on his forehead, and I think the glasses could be up a little so that they wouldn't get in the way of the eyes.
Next time I'll try with no glasses :)

1/200 shutter speed
ISO 100
Nikon D5300
Sigma 17-50 2.8

looks great.
the US passport regs used to be quite persnickety about writing on attire but that requirement seems to have disappeared.
How are the Swiss with that?
Assuming "pass" means passport, that image will not meet international passport requirements.
Thanks :)

I really don't know.
It's the first time I'm hearing that :p
Normally, for official documents, the picture is taken at the moment...
They get closer to the face.
This is for school :p

But I don't think that lettering on clothes was ever an issue here :)


Edit: by pass I mean the format.
This one is 4x3 (in cm) and it can be used for many things like school id, bus card id, driver's license and so on.
Official documents like passports and identity card can't use pictures taken by others.
They have the machine and they do the picture there at the moment you are doing the document.
It's like this here (and in Portugal also :) )
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Ah, well... for school I'm sure it's fine. Good "ID" lighting, shadowless... pretty much spot on. I agree about the glasses though. They should definitely be higher up.

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