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May 16, 2007
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Time to upgrade the computter

I am thinking mac book pro 17

Can the screen be calibrated? or should I go with a desktop?
It can, but like all laptops, the variables in angle make it a poor choice unless attached to something like this.
Apple - LED Cinema Display

I have a 17" MBP and a 27" IMac with the quad core i7 processor. Most of my editing is done on the IMac. The MBP is calibrated, but I only use it in a pinch for editing.
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Unless you're already into macs, I'd say to look into a barebones kit. Apples $1500 desktop computers can run i3 processors, while a well loaded barebones can cost under $1500 and have better specs all around.
I understand the mac thing, looking into a refurb mac myself, but just make sure you know what you're buying -- I am looking into a $1500 barebones kit complete with windows 7 premium, an intel i7 processor 950, a good graphics card, and good amount of memory, a good motherboard, and a good monitor --And you can always upgrade with barebones - good luck doing that with your mac.
You can also get barebones laptops, too.
But I would say that unless you need the portability of a laptop then stick to a desktop. Better all the way around, but of course the most important, portability, is a no.
Weight your options and make an influenced decision. A forum member here helped me build an awesome machine barebones, so PM for his name if you're interested.
They don't have IPS displays on their laptops so calibration, while possible, doesn't mean much to the viewer. Their iMac models do have IPS displays.

I edit on Mac, I use a 27" i7 iMac. I do have a 17" MBP but I don't do editing on it unless I'm traveling.
:lol: Get upset over slang sounding like an acronym. I think you're the only person here who took that the wrong way :p
MAC = Military Airlift Command:mrgreen:
I used to be a Mac junkie, but have decided it is better to save a few $$ to spend on glass :)

In August I bought a refurbished fully warranteed i7-860 Quad Core Dell 8100 Studio XPS with 8GB RAM, 2 DVD R/W drives and a649 GB HDD for about $750 off the Dell Outlet Store. I added a 1 TB 2nd HDD from Newegg for $59. The thing is fast as a speeding bullet with LR3 and CS5. With my Dell 2209WA IPS panel, the combination is still far cheaper than a Mac.

Dell's outlet store was a bit tricky to find as they didn't highlight it on their web site. Just type 'outlet store' into the search panel. They have many refurbs and scratch/dents.
MAC=Mid-Atlantic Conference. College football season is in full swing you know...

I like Macintosh computers. They work well.
I am a Mac enthusiast. My brother used to work for them, so I got hooked at an early age.

I have a 13 inch MacBook Pro. It is lightweight and does the job I need very well. Stay away from those MacBook Air things. They are not worth anything in my opinion. I'd rather get an iPad than a MacBook Air.

A mid level 15 inch will handle some editing, but an iMac will be just fine. The 27 incher will be able to handle almost anything you throw at it, except for Hollywood Film editing. That is usually reserved for the Mac Pros
go with the 27" iMac. I have one in my post processing suite an it works great! Just make sure you opt for additional memory
I have had PC's for every, Sony was my first Laptop that I did all my editing on it was great, then off to Dell (never quite right) and then I purchased a mini mac used ($300.) to see if I would like Apple...
:lol: In no time I was off and running, now I have
Mini Mac with a 42" screen
Macbook Pro 13" screen
and the new baby Imac 27" with big memory...

love it, love it, love it..... :hugs:

for me it was great, for my work it was even better for my friend that does graphics not so much (yet she plays with mine every time she is around :confused: ) I would suggest finding a used one to see if you like the mac it is very different then the PC's IMO...

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