Macro Mad

Thanks for the comments :0

To answer a couple of questions: The "red stuff" in the wolf spider shot is actually pine bark chips. The bee shot was a bit of luck (no pun), i was trying to get a picture of the bee but each time i'd move in and set up he would take off to the next flower. So there i am running around the bush from flower to flower trying to take his pic. I look silly in front of the neighbours but got a shot just as he went to take off again.
Well, Luckydog... What can I say? You definetely have talent.. the shot of the sail boats almost looks...well...not real..
I am very impressed with your work...
keep on posting..
Can I share one of my old close up shots here too? It's really old, but I still really like it.

im thinking intestines or rosary beads.

but then again thats my opinion, i could be wrong.

...nice work, Lucky (yours too, oriecat)

Members interested in trying macro photography but reluctant to splash out on the cost of a special lens might find the following of interest

It's a recent thread i started over at entitled "Poor Man's Macro"

Click HERE

Some useful tips and advice on making your own

Have fun!


Thanks for sharing the link e_

I got a 100mm macro lens recently. It does 1:2 and 1:1 with the diopter included. I was thinking of getting a lens coupler so I could put the 100mm and 50mm to make a 2:1.

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