Made a mistake and used a friends 1D-X


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Dec 25, 2011
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Well I have been putting off playing with a Canon 1D-X because I was afraid I would like it to much. Well I screwed up and tried the camera and now I have one. I like my Canon 7d mark II but I really like the 1D-x . It will be interesting how the 1D-x will hold up to croping the images vs the crop factor of the 7d.


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Expensive mistake. Enjoy
Yes it was but it helps the price dropped so much due to the next version coming out next week according to the camera shop guy. He said the dynamic range is crazy good on the mark II version time will tell on that.
The FLAGSHIP-level cameras have their own appeal. It's difficult to describe, but it's a real thing. ENJOY that new camera man! Your current, high-quality Canon lens kit was just DYING to be shot on FF.
Thanks Derrel I cant wait for the battery to charge just itching to go and play's Saturday too!!! perfect day to get out there and flood some memory cards with image data! ait till you get the 70-200 into action on FF at some outdoor type event...the lens is like twie as useful as it is on crop-frame in social situations, like parades, festivals, stuff where there's pictures that need a telephoto, but you HAVE to shoot from fairly close distances. And the way the 135/2 becomes a bokeh monster, because the shooting distances are so much CLOSER with it than they can be on 1.6x...the 135/2 and 70-200 are two of the Canon lenses I kept and am going to keep for my next Canon camera.
Congrats. You sure have the glass to match.
Thx now I just need one more lens I told my wife and thats the Canon 500mm f4l is. I told her I will be set for good, she does not believe me for some reason.
I've tried the 1dx and upper end Nikon's before. Luckily I don't have that amount of money available on a credit card otherwise ....
Well Finally got to go out and play with the 1dx and can say it handles cropping pretty good. Due to losing the crop factor of the 7d mark II I was wondering how it would hold up when cropped alot and I think it does ok. Here is a sample of a shot cropped alot.
_69Y0314-2 by rgollar, on Flickr
So...yer keepin' it, right?

lol (OF COURSE YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!)
Yep keeping it for sure. Its sure heavy compared to the 7d mark II I am used to.

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