magnetic interference at crater lake in Ghana?

Gazelle Gaignaire

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Mar 18, 2023
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Brussels, Belgium
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Took this photo 20 years ago at Lake Bosomtwe in Ghana. No retouching. The "superimposing" effect was not intentional. I had no control over it. Animate and inanimate subjects on all my photos had this "duo" appearance. But as soon as my vacation was over and I left the lake, my digital camera (Nikon Coolpix 5700) went straight back to working normally again.

A photo lab owner told me the camera's mechanism was probably affected by magnetic fields, given that the lake was created 1.4 million years ago by a meteorite.

Does anyone have any experience with, or info about, such possible magnetic interference?


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I've never experienced it nor read anything on it, but it is known that a magnetic field will affect an electronic device. Whether it creates a problem depends on the strength of the magnetic field and the extent that the electronics , are shielded.
I doubt the location had anything to do with it. If there was a magnetic field strong enough to mess with a camera to do this, it would have been noticed a long time ago and be well documented.
Hello and welcome, it is certainly an interesting shot....
Thanks for your remarks. I wish I could find a logical explanation somewhere, but guess I'll have to keep living with the question mark!
Does that camera have a double-exposure option?
It's my understanding SD and CF cards are not made from magnetic materials so stong magnetic fields would not do anything to the actualk images. As far as the electronics, I doubt it. I tend to agree with Sparky on the direction of double exposure.

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