Magnificent Paris


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Aug 16, 2010
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This is almost star wars'esque in a way.

Kind of looks like a heart when you think about it. The first thing I think about it you're trying to give the message out of "I heart Paris". IDK im weird.
I'm not sure what it looks like.. but i dont think starwars is sorry..just not doing it for me. I think its the fact that im not really sure what to focus on .. what the subject is or represents... and that everything is so dark it kind of clashes.
I like the negative space because I like the shape of Eiffel tower but I'd also like to see more of the metal work because it is also beautiful.
I like it. It's a twist on the normal Eiffel tower shot. A way I haven't seen it before.
I like the prospective of the shot, just a little to dark for me.
well i see your point. I would say the same if I were in your shoes. On the other hand, it is pretty darn close to being symetric so I actually didn't care to "fix" it.
Yes! it is dark! i would prefer to see more of the structure.
I love the detail you captured in the columns, and I love the angle... but I really wish that the photo was a little less shadowed.

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