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Discussion in 'Photographic Discussions' started by K_Pugh, Sep 29, 2008.

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    I have decided I need to make a Powerpoint presentation (or similar) to showcase some work to prospective clients.

    I'm at a creative blank on how best to make the presentation. What else do I need other than photographs? how best to display them? how many? how long?

    Should I include an intro screen, e.g. company logo. Outro screen , again, company logo with contact details? should i perhaps show other types of photography i do at the end as well or...?

    I think having this as something I could send over email work best, although I could also use it on CD.

    Any ideas, tips, or example presentations would be appreciated - I need to make this as professional as I can without, keeping it interesting, simple and i would guess, short, too!

    (p.s. automotive work.)

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    First thing to remember especially during a "business presentation" is:

    1) Introduce yourself
    2) Briefly tell them what you are going to tell them
    3) Tell them
    4) Summarize what you just told them
    5) End with contact information (phone number, email address, mailing address, etc...)
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    Normally I agree, but I don't think the rules of business strictly apply to artistic world.

    Keep it information and content light. A few words at the most if you must, and those should be your name and contact details, and what you do. I would suggest keeping it simple and minimalistic.

    - Let your photos sell you and not the presentation.
    - Don't use funky moving texts, if anything should move at all it's a fade in fade out. Short and quick, just to help the transition.
    - Don't use weird colours. Keep the background grey scale, and as neutral as possible. Preferably middle grey to black. It's called a background for a reason. Something like this without the stupid font and orange colour.

    I suggest you don't do the email thing. If you can't physically run them through it, then sending a CD is a more personal touch and realistically doesn't cost much at all.

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