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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Kent Dunne, Sep 14, 2008.

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    Hey guys.

    I'm starting my junior year of high school, which means I have to start looking at colleges. I've already decided that I'm going for photography, so I need to show them some sort of portfolio.

    I have my website at but I'd like to send them a CD with a slideshow documenting my work.
    -I've been seriously taking photographs for about 4 years now, so looking at my work you can start to see some clear motives and phases I went through in what I liked in a photograph (I did alot of studio-work last year, I did alot of nature stuff when i started, I traveled to India and Africa this summer, Now I'm doing street photography in my town.. etc etc)

    So my question is how do I make a professional looking slideshow or portfolio to show to colleges? I considered making classic slideshow with just some choice pictures, but I'd like to show them and explain to them some of my experiences in photography (I went to India this summer for 3 weeks for specifically photography... etc etc).

    Any ideas on how to put this all together?

    -Kent Dunne

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    Two well know programs that pros use for slideshows are ShowIt Web and ProShow Producer

    Both are easy to use and I know for a fact ProShow Producer will work with layers (PS) so you can do some pretty slick shows.

    You should also have a portfolio that is in print.

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