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Mar 8, 2007
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So i'm having a problem, and dont know what to do. I just took an awesome photo of a poinsettia, and i wanted to make it a wallpaper. i got it to look how i wanted it in photoshop, saved it as a jpeg, then right clicked the jpeg (wich also looked how i wanted it to) and clicked set as desktop wallpaper. But for some reason the colors come out all wrong. the photo seems darker, and the colors less saturated. I havent ever noticed this before, but its possible its been happening the whole time and i've never noticed it. Anyone expericned this before or have any ideas?
Maybe try a .BMP, windows native format may display better. Alternatively adjust the image specifically for desktop display.

Check to make sure that the color space is set to sRGB in Photoshop.
hmmm... strangely saving it as a bmp made it look like it does on the desktop... just killed my colors
i also tried adjusting the image for making into a wallpaper and its almost like something is clipping the reds or something, i oversaturated it a bit and it seemed like the image only made the whites a little whiter but the reds stayed kind of bland. also i was in sRGB
I've never noticed a difference in any of my pictures when I save as a PNG-24.

If that doesn't work I don't know what to tell ya.
hey, thanks robbie! PNG seemed to work. what kind of file is that? (or where is it most commonly used?) i've never saved an image as a png before

oh also, wheres the 24 come from, when i saved mine i didnt have an option to set a number for it... (man, i probably sound stupid right now)

the colors are the same now, but for some reason i'm feeling like the quality is degraded a little... (do i save in interlaced, or no?)
Don't forget that if you have your desktop background to stretch it will distort your image also try setting it to centered and see if it looks right? I have a 24" flat screen and every image looks weird on the background because it is stretching it wider than taller so it obviously is gonna distort the image.
Glad to hear png worked, also might wanna try a tiff cause if i remember right png files are quite large (then again i think tiff's are to)
its not the size thats causing it, because i always crop to 1280X800px, (shoudl i be doing a larger size than that, or does the exact screen size give me the highest resolution i'll be able to get?) i think the PNG was a smaller file than a TIFF would have been though, could be wrong though
PNG can actually be smaller than JPG, the format has many options including alpha channel and trillions of colors 48 bit. The 24 refers to 8 bits per channel, no alpha.


-Shea :mrgreen:

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