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Mar 24, 2009
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ROME, Italy
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This is my first photo posted in this forum. Taken with Nikon D70s+18-70, at the end of a trekking hike on the Italian Alps near Vipiteno.

Waht do you think about? (be sincere!:lmao:)


Welcome to the forum

I think I understand what kind of composition you have tried. Smth like near object + landscape and an element to guide you from near to far (the water wood-tube in this case).

Overall is nice, but (I'm a beginer so I may be wrong) I find the photo a little to crowded, at least the bush from left is a little disturbing. Then, the water drops are also confusing: they cover a little the mountain peak in the background.
hmmm, i think the photo is beautiful!

like it, but if you had a smaller aperture it would make it more beautiful,
i like the " happy " feeling in it.
Thanks for your comments!

@Al-Wazeer: do you think there's too few DOF? I decided to adopt f/8 in order to obtain a non perfectly focused background, even if is well defined.

@ValDR: if you refer to the plants on the left side, yes you're right, they are present and in someway they close the line to the horizon, but it was impossible for me to remove them. First because flora and fauna cannot be touched (I respect the nature and in particular the mountain) and then because the plants are nettle and I did'nt have gloves with me :mrgreen:
About drops I decided to adopt a not do quick time to have a moving effect, that's set against the static background. If you see only tha water gives an idea of movement, that's why too fixed drops wew not my intention.

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