Mam Tor & Shivering mountain from Peveril Castle

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Jun 8, 2010
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Barnsley, Oop-Nooerth, UK
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A recent venture out into the Peak District yielded this shot (amongst others). What do you think of this?


I think this could have been a great capture if the sky wasn't blown out.
I agree with the above. I like this photo except for the sky. Also, I don't like the blurred border. It's distracting. Very beautiful scenery though.
I discovered a lot of people had issues with the sky, and not just because it was blown out, but because of the colour. It seems that when I did this as an HDR, it altered the colours, and I didn't notice, being colour blind!

So, anyway, I took on board all the people said, and did this...single shot from the set, some levels and slight saturation, and a crop to lose a little sky...

how does this look?

Looks much better! That saturated cyan wasn't working too well.
The second shot is great and you have actually gained a lot of tonal range back from the HDR pic. I love when clouds roll shadows across the landscape.
I really like the second one! I also think is amazing that you're colorblind and a talented photographer! Very cool dude!

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