mamiya universal complete outfit


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Sep 14, 2010
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i am a new member, but an active member of manual focus lens forum (with references for sales/buys) and have 100% perfect ebay record on over 100 transactions (name rbelyell). i can also provide references at green mountain camera of vermont with whom i have had numerous trades.

i have a beautiful complete mamiya universal press outfit that includes:
camera body
handle/shutter release
100mm/3.5 lens
150mm/5.6 lens
6x9 back (can mask to 6x7 and 6x6)
6x7 back
polaroid back (uses entire image!)
ground glass focusing back
1 large and 1 small 'spacer' (for macro photography)
M adapter

the kit is used, but in really great shape. nothing at all is wrong and it operates as it should, taking amazing pictures.

i will ONLY sell as a set and am asking $1100, which i think is a bargain.

i can provide pictures to seriously interested people.
thanks for looking

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