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    Okay, so here's the deal. I have a flash for my Olympus, T32, that I will be using on my Mamiya C330. It works on manual flash with G.N. 32 and 16 (meters, at ISO 100). I use my Lunasix to meter my flash (using the ambient dome thing facing the camera, flash set at 32) the flash, turn the dials to match, and I have my exposures. I then see my target is at 3m away and my flash calculator on the flash says f/22. I look at my meter and the dial says f/22 corresponds to 1/8.

    Now, translate that all for me, please :p

    This all took place in a dark corner and would it work outdoors in the shade, too?

    What exactly does the G.N. have to do with the ISO rating (100) and what changes when I use 400 film?

    Am I doing this right? What really should I be doing?

    Please help me on this, I'll kiss your feet (or shoes) clean. :p Thank you!

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    Where am I now?

    Guide numbers are a function of the film speed and the power output of the flash unit (in(beam-candle-power-seconds or effective-candle-power-seconds).
    Exposure is easier to calculate from a GN.
    The GN divided by the flash-to-subject distance in feet will give you the f-number.
    To find the GN for your flash you will need to use the table supplied by the manufacturer as the GN change with ISO is on a curve.
    Not sure about your meter - I use a dedicated digital that just gives you a f-stop reading.

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