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Feb 4, 2012
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Cheshire, England
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I am fairly new to digital photography. I am useing the Panasonic GF1 mainly for bird and butterfly/moth photography.
Unlike focusing on a bird in flight with binoculars, which is relatively easy, doing the same with the GF1 with 45-200mm lense, with or without their electronic viewfinder is extremely hard. This especially so in bright conditions.
Maybe I just need more practice? Any advise from members succesfuly taking bird/butterfly/moth in flight action shots would be most appreciated.
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Honestly, it just takes a lot of practice. With binocs you don't have to worry about losing the bird when you push a shutter and the viewfinder goes black for a split second. I missed a good opportunity to get a couple of awesome shots yesterday of a red tail hawk being harassed by two kestrels because I wasn't ready or expecting it to happen so close to me. Birds in flight are not easy and get even harder with a longer lens. That's just my personal experience, however.
Early generation of micro 4/3 camera bodies were a PITA when it came to autofocus.. especially of moving objects. They are improving quickly but still have a ways to go to compete with DSLRs. I generally focus in front and let the birds fly into focus just like in the old days. Not easy.. actually I found it easier with vintage manual lenses on a Panny G1 or Olympus E-PL1 w/ EVF. Sorry.... wish I had more advice.

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