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Feb 6, 2009
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Worked with Maria awhile back. Comments welcome.
I love the light and the dress is is beautiful on this background. Not sure the one arm and one leg holding up the wall makes the cut. In the future keep in mind that the holding up the wall pose has been played. Get creative with other poses.

Checked out your glam book. You have a great start. Now is the time to think about a stronger style.

Love & Bass
This is the part that most photographers miss when getting into Fashion. There is no doubt that this is a perfect photo. It is shot 100% dead on. Color is great and the model is stunning. The backdrop works well.

Here is where you become pro. She is in a "short dress" pose but wearing a long dress. To photograph a model, you not only need to know your job but the model's job as well.

I won't pick apart another's work but I can tell you, looking at this shot for a few moments before taking the photo, you would have seen that her arm is bending too far and even if this pose would work with this dress, her hand is too relaxed and her face is not emotional enough to get the point across.

These are not photography errors. This is having all of the wonderful resources to take an outstanding photo, and not thinking deep enough into the shot.

FYI - I am guilty of this 90 percent of the time and the only solution is to slow down and spend more time on the set up.
I looked at the rest of her gallery. The others are perfect. Actually more than perfect. I don't understand what happened here but I think this should not be the shot that defines this shoot. I love the rest.
I like this! Everything left is really warm but than the shadows are really cool (like cold, but not quite). Thats what I personally really like about the photo.
Thanks for the comments. Here is one more.


C and C welcome.
Beautiful model. I love the last pic you posted. Excellent everything!
The last picture I am not sure if the focus fell on something else because her face looks soft. Composition is good.
Thanks for the comments everyone! I think the softness in the last shot is from the size reduction. Its sharp in the full size image.

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