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Marketing/Identity Idea


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Mar 7, 2007
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My first year as a business I was pretty much taking whatever I could get. Now I feel like I lack an identity which is what I am wanting to work on. I came across a website that wholesales pettiskirts to photographers. They are adorable! I had a few clients bring some tu-tus and of course they looked adorable and that was what was mostly ordered. I found out where they got them and realized they are not cheap at all......they were given as gifts and that is why they had them.

So I have been thinking about buying colors and sizes to offer. Maybe market a 2 week special for parent's to have there little princess photographed in a pettiskirt and get a free 8x10 or something of the nature. Thought it wold generate more business in the slower season and get my name out there for someone who offers this more of a boutique style photography for little girls???? It has just popped in my mind so details are not even close to being figured out. Just wanted to get some feedback.

Any suggestions on what I can do for little boys????
Just a personal opinion but I don't see how you can create your own unique identity with the pettiskirt idea when every other child photographer is doing that. Perhaps twist things around a bit. Purchase scarves, hats, mitts, those types of things. Look in teh most recent parenting magazines and see what is in.

Just a personal opinion
Maybe I should rephrase that.....I have been looking at compeition in my area and no one is doing that. Well, unless a parent buys them themselves......just had a store open that offers a few. But I haven't seen many photographers in the area doing that.

Just wanted to see if many people out there buy them and offer that option to a customer or suggest them to the parents when they ask about clothing.... I really wanted the skirts and hats...but didn't know about shirts and stuff.

I wasn't meaning unique to photography.....I have a loooong way to go on that. I meant in my area.

Thanks for the parenting magazine tip!

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