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Jun 22, 2008
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Tuscaloosa, AL
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Thoughts, suggestions on this shot?

A little more light on the right right hand side you have helped to give the black more deffinition. Everything else in the photo looks really good. What did you use to light this? If strobes were used, where were they positioned?
Late afternoon sunlight in the park. I probably should have hit it with some fill flash...
Some fill would have done wonders to bring out the detail in that black. A little off camera fill flash to the camera right, or just a reflector if you wanted to keep it totaly ambiant...
Here are a couple more from that shoot. Let me know your thoughts and where i can improve them.





The girl does not look at all happy about her impending bundle of joy. Need to post some stuff of her actually being happy.

agian with a little light on just the black shirt you would have more details. The pose on the second one doesn't really platter her, I would have changed that. Other than that the others look good. JD is right about her not looking happy, but nothing you can do about that. My wife was misrable when she was pregnant with our twins.
The girl does not look at all happy about her impending bundle of joy. Need to post some stuff of her actually being happy.

yeah i have to agree....she doesnt look to happy....
I'd bin the first two as they show nothing of her condition, I'd also work on your communication skills and learn how to crack the odd funny line, she looks teed off. H
Your profile says that's it's ok to edit your stuff, so I thought you might like to take a look at what I did with it. I brought back the shirt. I can bring it back more, but I thought this had a nice look to it...

It could probably use a little touchup over on the left of the belly. I didn't do anything to it, but it almost looks like clone stamp circles there...
I guess photoshopping the details back is not the issue here.

I suppose photos of woman in her maternity should project a feeling full of joy, hope, or at least look warm and cosy. (Or why would the woman want to be photographed?) This set of photo does not tell us so - in that she did not look happy at all; and the hard light, big black shadow and high contrast all add to the harshness.

I agree that being sad, worried and in a depressed condtion can be a very normal part of the maternity. If, upon this thought, the photos can project this and arouse compassion from the reader, they can be really interesting too.

Sorry, but I must say these are not very successful.
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Hey guys, thanks for the replies. I was really looking for some thoughts on whether or not the frame over the belly idea was pulled off.

I have my style and I am known for it, people that come to me have seen my work and choose me for that style, otherwise they would have went with one of the many other talented photogs in my area. SO when people tell me that my style is wrong....I say ok. If I am missing something techinical then please fill me in, but styles are different for a reason.

TO show that the whole shoot was not dark and gloomy here are a few more...




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