Me and the Old Tree

Majeed Badizadegan

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Jul 14, 2011
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I was at Crater Lake this past weekend, and couldn't resist photographing this often photographed tree. We made pals, me and that tree. Yessiree.

This bird came and landed to pose for me as I was trying to get the moon through the tree branches. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. :lol:

Bird, Moon, Tree by Majeed Badizadegan (Rotanimod), on Flickr

Just after sunset. Some nice afterglow over the lake.

Dusk at the Old Tree by Majeed Badizadegan (Rotanimod), on Flickr

Only had about 1 hour of stars this night. The moon set at about 3AM, giving us a very small window to get anything.

Old Tree Under Milky Way by Majeed Badizadegan (Rotanimod), on Flickr

Took a couple attempts to get this right. 30 second exposure. I light painted myself and the tree for about 7 seconds of the full 30 second exposure.

Me and the Tree by Majeed Badizadegan (Rotanimod), on Flickr

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