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Sep 14, 2009
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Way up North in Michigan
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A couple leftovers from the Christmas shoot I did with Meagan's family. She wanted photos of her two boys that weren't holiday-specific.


That "background"... :confused: How were these lit? It almost looks like a single on-camera flash.
That "background"... :confused:
Yeah, I know, but that was the family's choice. So be it. The prints actually look a lot better than I thought they would. They're calmer, less jolting in color.

How were these lit? It almost looks like a single on-camera flash.
Two clam-shelled umbrellas with 150 w/s studio strobes camera left, two gold reflectors camera right, two 24" softboxes with 580EXII's boomed overhead and slightly behind subject. I was set up for the group shot still when I pulled the trigger on these.
Unfortunate - the catchlights wound up dead-centre in the pupil.
Yeah, I definitely should have moved the umbrellas closer to the subject, which would have brought them further to the subject's side and the catchlights with them.


Ah well...
These look a bit overexposed to me. I'd think about bringing some mid-tones back. It will help make the lighting look less flat.
Much appreciated on your CC and suggestion. Brought the midtones down on this one:


Any better? Right direction? I don't feel like I can take it any further without making it muddy myself, but I trust your well-established abilities, so if you wanted to show me with an example, that would be fine with me, and greatly appreciated.

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