Medal of Honor.


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Jan 8, 2006
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Puyallup, WA
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Out shooting some Memorial Day shots and came across this. First one I've seen.

I'd like to see this from a different angle, a lower angle. The flag directly above the tombstone draws my eye away from the subject to some extent. I find it to have a strong emotinal aspect to it and works. Nice shot!
I'm an old guy and if I got much lower I would still be there! I ps'd it out and I agree it looks better.
Ah, I am beginning to see why there are so many soldier tomb threads up here now ... it's because yesterday was the National Memorial Day for you, of course!!! Does this mean you all were off work yesterday, too?
Yes I was off. Don't go back to work until Friday. National Holiday for most.

It's the first time I ever have gone out on Memorial Day. Met some interesting people, dragged my wife along, and found some great cemeterys.

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