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Feb 2, 2009
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hey i was wondering how you can get a media pass to events such as motocross races and stuff like that, do you have to know someone who knows someone to get one?
not normally. u have to check with the event cordinator. how would we know??
idk i was just thinking that someone in here would have photographed like a nascar race, or a pro football game or something
Yeah, it's called working for an accredited magazine, newspaper or (these days) Web site and have valid media credentials offered either by the publication or by your state's Press Association. Most state press associations require at least three accredited photo editors or managing editors from publications that pay dues to the Press Association to vouch that you are a freelancing journalist who will be shooting for them.

The NFL has curtailed its credentials considerably in the last 24 months as it is trying to use its own shooters and some from the AP instead of allowing any daily newspaper or monthly magazine covering sports on the field like they used to.

Nascar is tough to get credentialed for but not impossible. Again, you have to be working for an accredited publication and have valid media credentials. I am not sure about motor-cross. I have only shot one motor-cross event a couple years ago. I needed credentials for it though.

Believe it or not, political events are probably the easiest thing to get into. During the campaigns (presidential excluded) you just have to claim you're working for a media organization and most of the time don't have to show credentials. Presidential campaigns, obviously, require credentials and press badges issued again by an accredited publication or state press association.

There's a myth out there that having a press badge is a free ticket into anything. In all honestly, even a credentialed press badge doesn't get you into almost every sporting and concert event, it's just a first step. Most hot ticket events that happen in sports and entertainment have their own credentialing process set up through the organizers. Showing a valid press badge is only the first step.
alright thanks for the help

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