Meet my bunnies!


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Nov 15, 2011
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Thought it was about time I post a little of my photos :D

Meet Lady

She's a big sweetie who loves fresh veggies :D

and sometimes she sings Opera

and her anti-social yet loveable sister from anotha motha, Sam (poor girl is going through an awkward shed:lol:)


CC and comments are fine :D
The first three have too shallow of a depth of field for me, I would like to see the eyes to the nose in focus on a wabbit. The last one is a fine image that maybe could use just a touch of reflected fill in the bottom/front dark area.
I agree...... far too shallow DOF.
Great thanks!! I need to buy another reflector for sure, I think that would help with the dark front :D

I agree with the nose being in focus, I should've upped my ISO instead of opening up, but my darn subjects kept trying to hop away!

3 is actually a bit of a cheat, I'll admit, its a frame from a video I took that I just find comical :D Should've opened up on that too!
I should also admit that I'm just now growing out of my SUPER-SHALLOW-DEPTH-OF-FIELD phase. So bear with me!! :lmao:
I still like the effect it create! The last one is really nice too! Keep up your great pics.
Thanks SC!
*moved to nature and wildlife gallery*

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