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Aug 15, 2006
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It was just too strange and beautiful today to stay inside and screw with the web.
very nice.i love tree shots
Very good. You don't often get dramatic skies, do you?
very nice.i love tree shots

Thank you.

Very good. You don't often get dramatic skies, do you?


Short answer: Nope.

Preferred rambling answer:
Not too often, but then with a few exceptions. This valley is about five miles from my house. It's right on the edge of where the southern California valleys connect with the desert and the weather comes through a pass in the mountains. If it rains down there, this valley gets the edge of the weather.

Since it's in the ecotone between the desert and mountains I don't make it out there too much. Lately I've been researching the 'Entradas of Fr. Garces', a Franciscan Missionary who made the first record crossing of the Mojave Desert in 1776. Following the Mojave River he left the desert and walked through this valley before crossing the mountains on his way to the San Gabriel Mission. The river is just beyond the tree. Considering the terrain, he probably walked through somewhere within the scene. Behind me is a thick juniper forest which would have been too hard for his historic expedition to pass through.

We get some drama up there in June- but it gets hazy. August and September too, but too hot and humid for me. February and March are good, but it gets really cold. I spent about two hours crossing through the river (maybe a foot deep) back and forth. After I was done I ran into some guy and we talked for about an hour. He ended up being a mineral freak and gave me a couple pieces of Brazilian quartz crystal he had laying in the back of his truck. It was a crack up. He had rocks from all over.

Here's a couple more shots.


What a beautiful image (that first one)! I love the balance of the really dark skies on the far left and the lightening skies on the right, the swooping curve of the tree branches, and the muted colours of the fields.

The additional images are also stunning.
I'm a sucker for clouds and I really think that the clouds in these shots add millions of intrest (if intrest was measurable that is). These are great! I love them.
Beautiful shots

I was thinking that I might just have cropped a little bit off the foreground in the first one, but now I look at it again, I'n not sure it's necessary after all :)
Strange days are the best for photography in the desert. The rich colors of the earth don't get bleached out by the sun then. The shot of the tree is beautiful.
Abraxas.. Wow I love the coloring in your photos. There is something about a cloudy day and the sun shining through that makes for beautiful, dramatically stunning colors. You captured them very very nicely. I love them! Great job!
These shots really give me a sense of being alone in the middle of no where and lost.
Kind of in a scary way..

But i really really like the first picture! its awesome!
Thank you everyone!

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