Milky Eyes

Nice shot. I see what you mean about the eyes. Is he wearing contacts? It almost looks like he has quite a bit of fluid over his eyes, almost as if he had teary eyes. If he could dry his eyes out a bit it may help with the softness.

I'm afraid I am grasping at straws on this. I'm sure someone who knows more will chime in.

USM man, you can do everything in your power to get the eyes like you want them. But inevitably, ya have to sharpen some.

Here's a quick edit, with a tiny bit of sharpening to the eyes only.

And the eyes are not the part the most in focus. Look at the hairs near the temples and top of the head... THEY are the ones most in focus, not the eyes. ;) And yes, a little sharpening never hurts, as does increasing DOF (reducing the aperture).

These are basics that just need to be practiced and used to get the final results you want.

Another factor... if your camera is indeed focusing on the eyes, and these are the results, your lens is backfocusing a good amount.

P.S. - Help your subjects with a little guiding so that they don't have that "deer in headlights" look too. ;)
Crack them up ask them to look serious, mix it up... but do... SOMETHING to add emotion to the shots. :)
Lol I think he may be high
Would you be interested in receiving the original for a closer look Jerry?

I'd love to but I am out of the province at work for a government project. Here I cannot even receive any emails, much less ones with attachments. I am actually sneaking these posts in during times when the server is doing something causing me to wait... lol

Is this the time of year the forum dies?

Nice weather causes us to be outside rather than indoors... and thats not a bad thing! Better to be out there *doing* photography rather than talking about it. ;) :)
Bjorkfiend, are your fathers eyes like this in every shot you took? If so then you might want to get him to an optometrist.

Unless you had him facing a white wall and it was very well lit- big lights in a small room would do it- and was causing a reflection in his eyes this may be a medical condition.

Try facing him into a dark wall or out doors at night with a strobe set to about f/5.6 at about 45 degrees first though.
the entire frame is soft, it is just the eyes that almost everybody will go to first in portraits... so that should be your point of focus.... nail the eyes, then move slightly for composition.

With the loss of resolution we get on the web, it is likely that some sharpening and contrast can take care of the soft issue.. and a soft face with sharp eyes, is generally more flattering

I would be more concerned with the reflection of the ceiling light on his eyes..... it draws us even more to that area and is unnatural..
Levels, curves, some dodging on the whites, alittle dodge right around the pupils, a little burning just on the inside edge of the iris'.

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