Mind blowig in the woods


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Jan 28, 2008
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Southwest PA
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Should read mind BLOWING.

Taking a hike through Ohiopyle State Park in PA, we came upon something I've never seen before. It BEGGED to be photographed. We looked up and down, left and right, and we even went around in a circle! I simply called it, the Carving Tree. It was off the trail, and way off the beaten path. It was in such a hard to get to place that there must be some sort of "underground" knowledge of this tree, almost folklorish. I snapped a bunch of photo's off. You'd find this sort of thing on a bridge, or a fence post, or a trail marker. Not like I haven't seen a tree with a couple of "Bob loves Sue" tags, but this thing had every square inch covered. What amazed us was it was like this all away around 10 feet up in the air! Just so cool!



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