MINI REVIEW: Lowepro Primus AW Backpack.

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    Felt like doing a review on my newly acquired Primus.

    Description: The Lowepro Primus AW backpack was built for the back country, built for rugged, and hard landscapes. This back-loading pack provides the most protection in-case of theft(some place people will unzip your pack) and provides easy access through a quick draw side compartment.

    Comfort: This bag is by far the most comfortable i've used for hiking. Out of the Nova 1 and Slingshot 100 and 200. The 8 point harness system is very useful to distribute the weight evenly across your whole body. The back is very thickly padded in the lower and upper parts which gives you a nice warm back in the cold and does not give you back pains.

    Compatibility This bag is compatible from with almost all types of photography you do. Hiking and climbing. On the move-city photography and even Out and about studio type work. A place on the front can tie down a jacket, reflector, ropes, a dog(not recommended) but you get the point. The AW(All Weather) cover will not stop you from pressing on in rainish or sandy weather. Tuck away tripod holder will work great for holding down your tripod or mono-pod.

    Size In this bag you easily fit a gripped camera. Up to a 70-200 f/2.8 lens and a couple more lenses or flash. The upper section is very large. You can easily fit a lunch or a coat for hiking or any other equipment you may have. The size is great for a carry on for a plane trip/canoe trip/any trip you plan.

    I have only used this bag for one day. But it is the best, most comfortable and efficient bag i have used yet. This is made from all recyclable things. Proceeds will also go towards the Polar Bear Foundation.

    Would i recommend this bag to you? YES.

    Hope this helps anyone thinking of getting this bag. If i think of anything else to add i will, any questions you can PM me.

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